Reap What You Sew Story

We exist to provide a place of love, support, encouragement & hope to women in need.

Reap What you Sew was formed over three years of prayer and a call for help by one of the pastors in Malawi. In Deb’s own words: “I prayed for three years. Every time I would go, I wanted so badly for God to tell me what to do, but He remained silent. I’ve learned over the years that my Father’s silence doesn’t mean He isn’t listening. It means, “Wait.”
To date, 20 women have completed the education and graduated from the Reap What you Sew program. RWYS had small beginnings in the seed of a prayer and is now doing big things in women’s lives in the country of Malawi, Africa.

Together, we can further our cause through ministering to women all over the world.

The Vision

Reap What You Sew is a dedicated training program to teach widows and underprivileged women the sewing trade with educators, tools, materials, and supplies necessary to become successful businesswomen.

The Program

Students attend a six-month program focused on tailoring. Participants will receive special one-on-one time with a seamstress and have practice time in the afternoons. They receive a sewing machine and supplies and bookkeeping training by the end of the program.

How You Can Help

When you give, you will provide women with the opportunity to attend the RWYS program, which will, in turn, empower her, bring hope to her life and provide for her family. Over the course of a year, you can help us transform the lives of 20 women.